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Well, this community has been unactive for quite some time so I thought I'd post an update. Just to let everyone know,  a while ago I made a new journal and have been using that one as my main journal. So my posts will be coming from the
project_memes journal from now on.

I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions for keeping this community more active. This community is a place to post quotes related to culture, but they don't have to just come from academic or non-fiction books. If anyone has quotes from tv shows, music, or movies this is okay too. Also, I would like to open it up to include quotes from non-American resources that you love. This means that quotes wouldn't have to be about culture, they can just be FROM another culture. What does every one think? Any other suggestions, comments, or concerns?

Another thing I may change is the community layout since the current layout doesn't fit our community very well and there are some great new styles to choose from. Also, I would like to start promoting the community again to get more members.

Your mod,
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