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The conservatives wished to conserve the Law of the Spanish...to kill and enslave...to catch Negroes and sell them...to sell them from one hacienda to the other...to catch the Negro slaves and make them work night and day without paying them anything except their food - nothing more. This is what is called to Conserve; to conserve the evil law of the Spanish. From that comes the word "Conservative." The Conservatives wanted to make us into slaves again. That's why there were so many wars. The word "Liberal" is the word "free" [libre] that Jesus Christ spoke when he came into the world; freedom for everybody, Jesus Christ brought that when he came; freedom for all the world. That is what is called "Liberal" - a world of freedom and thought...The Negro can never be Conservative; neither can he humiliate himself. The Negro can only be a Patriot; never a Conservative. But it's not the rich who lead us. Here it's the poverty that moves people, whether they be Liberal or Conservative, it's the poverty.

Felipe Carbonero, quoted in Michael T. Taussig, The Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America

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"Any work of interpretation includes elements of uncertainty and intellectual self-effacement. For what truth is being displayed by one's interpretation? Is it nothing more than a mediation between the unfamiliar and the familaiar? Assuredly, that is the more honest, if less grandiose, practice of the interpretator; yet, in confronting the implications of this practice we discern that the interpretation of the unfamiliar in terms of the familiar impugns the familiar itself. The truth of the interpretation lies in its intellectual structure of contrasts, and its reality is inherently self-critical."

Michael T. Taussig, the Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America

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Welcome to anthro_quotes. I (indizio) started this community because I realized there are a lot of good quotes from anthropologists and related to anthropology that people might want to share with eachother. I hope other people will realize this too.

Anyways, welcome, and enjoy!

Let the quoting begin.

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